Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service to the 2010 IDSF DanceSport World Championship in Wetzlar

Shuttle Service sponsored by:

We offer a Shuttle Service from/to Frankfurt am Main airport to Wetzlar to the Rittal-Arena resp. hotel with following costs:

Frankfurt am Main - Wetzlar: 25,- Euro/person (one way); 40,- Euro/person (return)

Transport costs have to be paid in advance!

Please complete and return the form "Shuttle Service Registration Form" before 1st November. After receipt we will send you our bank account and further details to effect the payment.

To avoid errors and misunderstanding please enter your data in the following format:

DATE: DD.MM.YYYY (for exp. 26.11.2010)
HOUR: HH:MM (for exp. 13:45)
PHONE NO.: please include your country code (for exp. +49 123 456789)

For further information please contact Mr. Volker Kind under, responsible for the Shuttle Service.


The transfer from/to the Frankfurt airport for the participating couples is free of charges!

Please use the registration form under the menu "Entry Form"!!!